This is me.

Well, to start off, I’m not sure if this will make it anywhere. Maybe someday I’ll be an expert blogger… probably not, but that sure would be cool! So you might be wondering: what the heck is this blogger going to talk about? Her page title makes absolutely no sense…

Let me tell you.

Being in college has taught me a lot of things. Thousands upon thousands of dollars-worth of things (student loans are haunting my near future). And as a hygiene student, I have gotten a lot of negative opinions from fellow colleagues on what they believe the dental hygiene professional does.

Here’s a fun fact- we don’t “just clean teeth.”

Surprising? I would hope not. But for those that may not know, our schooling is intensive. We take various anatomy courses, pharmacology, local anesthesia, pathology, biology, chemistry, periodontology, etc etc. We know a thing or two about your body and your health and the prevention of diseases. We are healthcare workers after all.

So I decided that I wanted to occasionally write down some information straight from the textbooks and professors so that the public (again, if it ever gets anywhere) can have some handy information about their oral care. And this may be a surprise as well: your mouth is connected to the rest of your body. Yep. There it is. I said it. It is as important as any other part of your body. So be on the lookout for what I may tell you.

On the other hand, I am still a young adult with a curious mind. I like to observe the world around me and how it functions as a whole. I will probably write about things completely unrelated to the mouth and they may be more interesting than toothbrushes. Don’t let the mouthy aspect scare you away! I like to have fun. I do stuff.

If you are ready for an odd adventure, hold on to your socks because this will be a sporadic and spontaneous one!

Talk to you soon!




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