Clear and Clean

img_1915via Daily Prompt: Clean


Clean (adj): characterized by a fresh, wholesome quality*

There are more interpretations on the word “clean” than can come to mind when writing. Whether it is recovery from an addiction, the fresh linens on the bed, or something transparent, there is always a sense of purity in the word.

The definition above is not the first option when looking up the word. However, it is what I gravitate towards the most. In a sense, cleanliness is a goal that we all strive for- a clean mind, a clean life, a world without pollution, a world without complication.

For me, I want to be clean and content. I want a free mind and a happy mind.

I have found comfort in the people I choose to surround myself with. I am in my final year of college and only now have I discovered genuine and caring friends. These people lift me up when I’m feeling down, make me cookies when I have had a rough day, and invade my bed when I am unable to leave it. Most importantly, they take my mind off the bad emotions, allowing space for me to breathe and become my true self.

I am a happy, bubbly, enthusiastic person. When I feel clean, no one can stop me and my positive radiation. Every day I strive for this feeling, the feeling of being content with who I am. Even days that I don’t feel this way, I remember what it is like to be that way again and just that can lift my spirits. A clean mind is like a refreshing autumn breeze- the end of summer air is still warm, but gentle wisps of cool air brush your face. It is freedom.

From one heart to another, I know what it’s like to have an unclean mind.  So this is an invitation to anyone, anywhere. Whenever you need someone to lean on, I will be there. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out. There a millions of people in the world and I can guarantee that there will always be someone ready to help.

Reach out to me is you need a pick-me-up. ❤

Talk to you soon. Love,



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